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            is the first and only App Store for applications for robots. Only at the RobotAppStore.com you can download apps to your robots!

            Robot are part of our lives already. It is not a science-fiction story anymore. If you own a vacuum cleaner robot, or a robotic dog – you are already a part of the future! Just think about the possibilities to program it to do new things like becoming your domestic messenger, or a mobile security device! There is a whole world of new ideas that’s waiting for you.

            Mission: We believe that the robotics-world must have a vibrant apps’ marketplace in order to flourish. A marketplace is the bridge connecting knowledge-islands with end-users, and enabling an easy sharing of enrichments for every robot. This is missing link in the chain; Without it, the robotics-industry will not be able to achieve the productivity and richness potential it deserves.

            DARPA Robotics Challenge: Which Robot Won?

            The first round of #DARPA #Robotics Challenge! watch the video and find out who won!

            Last minute Xmas shopping? Give a FREE Netflix trial at DARPA held its latest Robotics Challenge this weekend, bringing tegether some...

            Aldebaran Robotics - Happy New Year 2014!

            Happy New Year from #NAO #Robot !

            Aldebaran Robotics is inviting you to spend New Year's Eve with Nao the Robot! Your own interactive video on It's up to you to decid...


            When is my personal drone landing?

            Ryan Calo says the real exciting innovation will come when people write apps for drones.


            How robots can teach children math and inspire interest in the STEM fields

            RobotsLAB’s Box kit includes four robots and a tablet loaded with a Common Core-specific curriculum. The company just translated all of its lesson plans into Spanish.


            Robots/REEM-C/Tutorials/play_motion - ROS Wiki

            The REEM-C robot by PAL Robotics is running ROS !!!

            In order to go through this tutorial, you should have a Gazebo simulation of REEM-C running as per the previous tutorial.

            Can We Fall In Love With Robots?

            Will you love a robot? we will...

            Robots play a bigger role in our lives than ever before. They build things for us, and even help keep our soldiers safe on the battlefield. But are we gettin...


            Nerd Nite SF: Welcome鑫鼎彩票代理注册 to Nerd Nite SF — 3rd Weds of Every Month!

            Wednesday's event page! it's gonna be awesome!

            Nerd Nite SF #41: Alien Hunting, Augmented Reality, and Robots! If Nerdism were a religion, we would be kneeling down before this holy trinity of topics: alien hunting, augmented reality, and robots.

            are you in San Francisco? Join our founder and CEO, Elad Inbar at a #NerdNite event -It's 2013, Where's is my personal robot?

            RobotAppStore Introduction

            RobotAppStore new promotional video!

            is the first marketplace for apps for robots.


            Robotics: The only high school sport where every kid can go pro

            Every school has a gym, why not adding a #Robotics Club to every school? After all, that's the only sport they can go pro...

            All across Michigan this fall, like every fall, the burly kids in the football jerseys will get most of the glory in high school hallways. But down at the end of the hallway, the nerds in the robotics room are fighting it out in competitions likely to lead to real jobs. Governor Rick Snyder calls ro...


            Intel researcher debuts 3D-printed, open source robot Jimmy

            Meet Jimmy, a new open source robot, from Intel!

            Jimmy is an example of a robot that anybody could build and print themselves.


            Robot App Store Blog | Pixie or Pixy

            Ras totally missed the point... Again...

            “Good news,” announced the Chief Designer at our last staff meeting. “We have a few dollars left in our budget. Anyone want to suggest some new robot purchases?”

            No robot will ever...

            No robot will ever... #tech #humor

            Today's XKCD strip, Reassuring, wittily illustrates Kevin Kelly's Seven Stages of Robot Replacement, which start with "1. A robot/computer cannot possibly do the tasks I do" and heads toward "5.


            Robot App Store Blog | RAS TALKS TO DMITRY

            Looking to start a robotics company? So is Ras... #RasBlog #FanFic @GrishinRobotics

            “You're going to do what?” the Chief Designer said, rolling his eyes in that manner that so exasperates me. “Yes, Chief Designer, I RAS robot, the universe's first post-Singularity being, intend to start my own robotics company!” Alice, sitting across from his desk, giggled.


            Kirobo Robotic Astronaut Says Hello Aboard the International Space Station

            Kirobo Robotic Astronaut Says Hello Aboard the International Space Station:

            Humanoid communication robot Kirobo is shown aboard the International Space Station in this undated photo. Toyota

            Would you let a #robot draw your blood? #RasBlog #FanFic

            [08/22/13]   Stay Humble AR. Drone. #RasBlog #FanFic

            The Robot App Store, soon to have telepresence #RasBlog #FanFic


            Sphero 2

            via @CNET #robotics

            Version 2.0 of the iOS/Android-controlled Sphero rolls twice as fast, glows more brightly -- and now comes with ramps for your jumping pleasure.

            [08/09/13]   Happening now: #WeTheGeeks Hangout to discuss the state of American robotics. Watch live:


            Robot App Store Blog | DARPA Challenge or Bust

            Ras would totally win the @DARPA challenge... right? #FanFic #DARPA #RasBlog

            “Chief Designer,” I said while watching the video of Boston Dynamics's newest robotic DARPA entry, a two-meter tall black gargantuan called ATLAS. “RAS does not understand why he cannot compete in the DARPA challenge. ATLAS is stronger and more agile than his predecessor, PETMAN, but he is still ...

            Where are the Robots? 2013 Guardian Oxford London Lecture (full)

            Where are the #Robots?

            Professor Paul Newman discusses the present and future state of robotics: asking how the state of the discipline measures up to science fiction, and discussi...

            Nothing to Prove - Geek Girls & The Doubleclicks

            For the record: we love all types of #geeks. Sing it, Ladies!

            You can submit your own sign at "Fake geeks/real jerks" tees: This song can be download...

            [07/30/13]   If I had all the money in the world to buy robots, I would buy...


            Robotics Investor Dmitry Grishin: The Future is Happening

            #Robotics Investor Dmitry Grishin: The Future is Happening. via @WSJ

            In the first year of investing, Grishin Robotics, a $25 million seed-investment fund, has evaluated more than 600 startups in the personal robotics space, a number that staggered the fund’s founder, Dmitry Grishin.


            The big bang theory - best conversation ever

            Our office loves The Big Bang Theory, are you a fan?

            Season 3, Episode 8

            Did you know #AlbertEinstein's brain was cut into little pieces?


            Last night we met up with the SF Code Chix to chat about RobotsLAB and RobotAppStore the topic: Creating a cutting-edge robotics solution and monetize your coding skills

            Last night we met up with the SF Code Chix to chat about RobotsLAB and RobotAppStore the topic: Creating a cutting-edge robotics solution and monetize your coding skills

            Stan Lee vs Giant Robot: Comic Con 2013 - Wired - Geek Week

            Stan Lee vs Giant Robot: Comic Con 2013 #SDCC

            Comic book legend Stan Lee gets an up close and personal meeting with the giant robot from San Diego Comic Con 2013. It took the mighty minds and resources o...

            Nerdy Love Song with Added Kitten Bonus!

            Every #Nerd pickup line, in a love song, with a #kitten. Also, semi #NSFW lyrics (Headphones, ENGAGE!)

            I made this video for my friend Shane Adamczak's show Up Late Live, an episode of which you can see here: Clark, t...

            The Difference Between Remote Controlled and A.I. #RaceCars #ankidrive #rasblog #fanfic

            The Difference Between Remote Controlled and A.I. #RaceCars #ankidrive #rasblog #fanfic

            How to get a Robot to set off fireworks using LEGO NXT

            Have a safe #4thofJuly! #robots #fireworks

            Using a LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT, this video shows how to put up a safe fireworks show for the whole family. How this robot can help people? ---------------------...

            Ras indorduces his cousin mOWAYDUINO to the rest of the Robot App Store. #RasBlog #FanFic


            Printed drones to hunt down drug-running boats - tech - 01 July 2013 - New Scientist

            Printed drones to hunt down drug-running boats #Drones #Robotics

            A 3D-printed UAV called 2Seas is designed to fly lengthy surveillance missions for coastguards in the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium and France

            Good Luck, UT Austin!

            We made it to Robocup 2013 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Today is set-up day 1.

            Amazing Bike Riding Robot! Can Cycle, Balance, Steer, and Correct Itself. #DigInfo

            This is still so cool. Ride on, little robot, ride on. #robotics #technology #cooltech #bikes

            DigInfo TV - 10/11/2011 Masahiko Yamaguchi, Tamagawa seiki Bipedal Bike Riding Robot

            Could you build a robot with only $10? #RasBlog #FanFic #AFRON

            NAO Robot plays TicTacToe with human

            What's your favorite rainy day #game? Nao likes Tic-Tac-Toe #robots

            NAO Robot plays TicTacToe (against a human) with a pen & paper. Also called noughts and crosses (in the British Commonwealth countries) X's and O's (in Irela...


            Robot App Store Blog | The Robots are Going to a Carnival!

            Take your average carnival, now pump it full of technology and awesomeness-- you're going to want to see this: #RasBlog

            Standing in the middle of the Robot App Store Lab KAROTZ suddenly shouted at full volume, “Hooray! We’re going to a carnival! I just saw the information in my RSS feed!”. Her ears flopped up and down like a semaphore and her belly lights flashed in excitement. “A carnival, a carnival!” cried Qbo, sp...


            Robot App Store Blog | Chief Designer is impressed by Barobo's Linkbot

            Chief Designer and Ras spend the afternoon appreciating Linkbot from Barobo, Inc.

            Designed by the chief designer, I Ras Robot, usually find anything that delights the Chief Designer interesting. I motored quietly up behind him and peeked over his shoulder.


            Domino's tests drone pizza delivery

            Knock-knock, flying pizza delivery-->

            In perhaps the first bit of

            AR.Drone 2.0 Slow Motion Video with Phantom Flex Camera

            AR.Drone 2.0 Slow Motion Video with Phantom Flex Camera

            Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 "Built for the elements" The Movie WATCH THE MAKING-OF : A blockbuster filmed in slow motion with a high-spee...


            4 Personal-Use Robotics Available Now

            Entrepreneur Magazine says: "RobotAppStore, the Google Play of robotics"-->

            More companies are creating robotics for consumer use. Here's a look at four that you can take 鑫鼎彩票代理注册 today.

            Barracuda Engineers build 3D printer

            How do you feel about 3D printing? The next big thing: or Dangerous: maybe both?

            DIY doesn't mean craft time at Barracuda.The Barracuda Engineers built their own 3D printer. Watch them take us through the process. Read more about it: http...

            Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in San Francisco?

            Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

            Videos (show all)

            HOW TO: Program a LEGO NXT, pt 1- an introduction to LEGO NXT






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            "Let's Write!" Creative Writing Workshops "Let's Write!" Creative Writing Workshops
            San Francisco, 94111

            Creative writing workshops in San Francisco for writers of all levels.

            California Deafblind 鑫鼎彩票代理注册 California Deafblind 鑫鼎彩票代理注册
            1600 Holloway Ave
            San Francisco, 94132-4158

            California Deaf-Blind 鑫鼎彩票代理注册 (CDBS) facilitates maximum participation in school and preferred life activities for children and young adults with combined hearing and vision loss.

            The Waorani Experience The Waorani Experience
            San Francisco

            It is an experiential journey, to learn, to share, to empathize and to awake. A cultural immersion trip, to experience the real life of a group of hunters in the Amazon forest.

            Teach For America Bay Area Teach For America Bay Area
            600 California Avenue, 11th Floor
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            In a region alive with innovation – where bold ideas become everyday realities – it's time to unleash the Bay's greatest source of potential: our students.

            Chios Energy Healing Chios Energy Healing
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            IMPORTANT: Before entering or reading anything on this site, please read Disclaimer at www.chioshealing.com/disclaimer.htm

            Woodcut Maps Woodcut Maps
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            Custom wood-inlay maps! Design your own online at http://woodcutmaps.com Make your own in our Bayview-based studio! http://woodcutmaps.com/events

            CrackTheInterview CrackTheInterview
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            GS Consultants GS Consultants
            San Francisco, 94122

            We are licensed providers of online MBTI Certification training and online and onsite Strong Interest Inventory Certification training.

            Reflection Press Reflection Press
            San Francisco, 94110

            "Create A New Reality" http://www.reflectionpress.com - independent publisher

            Wu Yee Children's 鑫鼎彩票代理注册 Wu Yee Children's 鑫鼎彩票代理注册
            827 Broadway
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            Creating opportunities for children to be healthy, for families to thrive and for communities to be strong since 1977.

            LearnBoost LearnBoost
            300 Brannan St, Ste 409
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            Empowering teachers with free all-in-one gradebook and lesson plan tools. Sign up for your free account today! https://www.learnboost.com

            Lightwork School of Hypnotherapy Lightwork School of Hypnotherapy
            335 Powell St, Fl 14th
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            Whether you're interested in pursuing hypnotherapy as a career, or you're just curious about it, our programs will give you the experience you're seeking at our American Board of Hypnotherapy Approved School of Hypnosis.

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