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            Avianne Academy of Arts

            Avianne Academy of Arts


            Omigosh. /geo ex machina
            Brand Ambassadors needed immediately for The Alameda County Fair. Great opportunity for students. 12+ hours a day. Must be available all hours and days. June 13th -July 8th with Mondays and Tuesdays off. Do not have to have experience, training is provided. Please email a brief description of yourself and a photo along with a contact number. We have been doing fairs/festivals for over 20+ years. We are A+ rated with the BBB. Pay is hourly + incentives This is a fun high energy work environment. Must be able to lift 40 lbs and stand for long periods of time. Must enjoy working with people. Great way to make maximum money this summer. Looking to hire 10 individuals immediately.

            Unlock your inner-artist. Learn to think, draw and paint like a real artist. We are re-locating and will be offering multiple courses online and in a new physical location moving forward. Please stay in touch for brand new opportunities in 鑫鼎彩票代理注册!

            This is an educational and creative coaching enterprise. Our goal is to provide quality, high level fine art instruction to young children, teenagers and adults. We are also introducing an amazing creative coaching course for adults in 2017. I believe there is a great need for quality Fine Art education which meets people where they are at and then take them to a level of excellence through enhancing both skills and knowledge regarding their passion for fine art.

            Mission: Avianne Academy of Arts teaches people of all ages Fine Art and also teaches adults how to access and live from their creative core for optimal results in any area of their lives: * Painting (various media) * Drawing (various media) * Art History and Philosophy (practical application) Message us through this page for pricing and different class options :-D

            - for the best #LocalArtClasses in #Boise, #Meridian, #Eagle, #GardenCity, #Nampa, #Star and #Middleton as well as awesome #OnlineArtClasses. Dare to dig into your potential. #AvianneAcademyOfArts

            [01/04/20]   The true artist’s life is difficult, complex, rewarding, vulnerable, rich all in one. Michelangelo wrote about it. We spend a lot of time alone, wrestling existentially, our ecstasy, subliminal. We are Voyagers of our own Humanity. - Avianne

            [01/03/20]   Drawing is to Painting as Scales are to Sheet Music. The artist, as the musician, must master and stay in practice with the basics or the more advanced, more serious work will stagnate, skip a beat and start devolving. - Avianne

            Ever Wonder Why

            Happy New Year!


            Drawing and Painting - Avianne Academy of Arts

            Join our business community on #Alignable!

            Amazing drawing and painting classes for adults!


            Avianne Academy of Arts on Google

            Calling all potential students, looking for excellent #FineArtClasses in #Boise, #GardenCity, #Meridian, #Eagle, #Nampa, #Star, #Middleton and beyond: we are opening our studio doors in March! You are in for a treat! Find out more. These types of classes are not readily available elsewhere. We also offer online class options. #GreatArtClassesForAdults #ArtAcademyMeridian

            One of my favorite artists has always been Botticelli. I love how he applied mannerist proportions to his figurative works. The elongated neck we see in this depiction of the goddess Venus, to me, is elegant and accentuates the femininity of the subject in a regal manner. These and other themes are....

            [12/01/19]   Food for thought: Famous Abstract Artists like Kandinsky and Picasso were at first Masters of Realism. Because you cannot truly master great skills nor produce sophisticated abstracts if you don’t master some degree of Realism first!

            [11/18/19]   How do I become a better artist? For me it is a daily journey. Practice. Study. Have a mentor. Be honest even when it is hard. Never settle. A teachable spirit and an eager heart go really far in a quest to excel at art. #Avianne

            [11/09/19]   Art Tip #1: Paper plates are designed to contain even saucy foods - they make wonderful, recyclable paint pallets for oils, water colors and acrylics. If you don’t want to deal with constant cleanup, paper plates will save you time.

            Ballet and the brain: The science of how dancers learn choreography

            Wonderful food for thought. Really learning great Classical #FineArt skills with sincerity works in similar ways... #ArtClassesMeridianIdaho

            It's often said that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert, but what happens in a ballet dancer's brain when they learn choreography? Royal B...

            [11/08/19]   It is important to always do your best and build your skills solidly over time. Simple things that are executed well are always better than complex things that are badly executed. Have patience! The journey of Art is a marathon and not a sprint!

            Greater Cincinnati Friends of Jung

            Avianne Academy of Arts's cover photo


            Giving Back - Avianne Academy of Arts

            Did you know that Avianne Academy of Arts gives back to Wildlife Conservation? A portion of all our class fees are donated to the rehabilitation of wild animals, specifically wild birds. #EthicalArt #Causes #ProtectWildlife #ArtClasses


            Class Registration - Avianne Academy of Arts

            For everyone in #Meridian, #Nampa, #Star, #Eagle, #Middleton and #Boise in #Idaho: GREAT #FineArtworkshops that you won't find anywhere else for 鑫鼎彩票代理注册 - sign up soon - space is very limited!


            The Mysteries of Creativity May Lie in Our DNA

            In the age of AncestryDNA and 23andMe, genetics may be more compelling than ever. Here’s what scientists have—and haven’t—discovered about DNA and creativity.


            International Drawing Lessons

            I am going to scale down on Facebook. Stay connected with me on telegram:

            You can view and join @DrawingLessons right away.

            [06/19/19]   Please hang in there with me: I am relocating my family and my businesses as well as shifting my business focus. This may take time. Thank you for your patience!

            Cassandra (13) is our Academy Valedictorian for 2018-2019. She has taken classes from us for 6 years. Great student. Excellent attitude and profound artistic passion.

            Cole is our youngest 2019 graduate at only 11 years old. He also won the award for Best in Classical Cast Drawing. Cole wants to become a professional artist.

            Our #ClassicalStudioTraining teen and adult students in California graduated and won awards yesterday after completing An entire year course in #FoundationalStudioPractice with our Faculty Director, Mr. Ozell Hudson

            We have BIG and AWESOME things in the works - over the next 6 months, we will be transforming our #AvianneAcademyOfArts into an international initiative that will be able to serve students on-line globally. #GoingGlobal #JustDoIt #ArtClasses #CreativeCareerCoaching


            Early Art Education - reasons why it is important - Avianne Art Academy

            Good read! And introducing our revamped blog! #Creativeforce #Avianne #ArtclassesSanCrlos #ArtClassesLivermore

            Every school in the country鑫鼎彩票代理注册 offers some type of early art education. It is not just to give the children something to do and to take a break - read more.

            Student tip: when you sign up for a class, to get the most value out of it - actually show up for it on time, every time and have a teachable attitude. Together, displaying a committed character, we learn more and achieve more. #CreativeForce


            Are Your Art Materials Making You Sick?

            Safety Alert! Please be careful to use solvents, pure pigments and spray paints!!! If possible: don’t use those at all!!! PLEASE read my post and this article!!!!

            RESEARCH products that you use to determine their level of toxicity and act accordingly...

            The science that goes into manufacturing art supplies is pretty complex. For instance: cadmium is highly toxic, but if it is chemically altered, it is not toxic at all - the problem is that we don’t always know exactly what we are using, because companies are not always required to label the details!

            I personally work with MANY types of art supplies and some of them are borderline. I wear protective gear (a dust mask is NOT protective gear, because chemicals can get through it). I wear a mask that is designed for automotive painters - keeps all chemicals out. I wear long pants and long sleeves with gloves (some chemicals can get through your skin and enter your bloodstream).

            Powdered pigments / dust from clay can actually also kill you or make you very sick... over time, if you don’t wear breathing gear when mixing these, sanding these etc, they will likely build up in your system and trigger cancer or auto immune diseases. Wear eye protection too, because the dust can enter via your eyeballs!!! Seriously!

            Like many artists, I like the old-school oils instead of water based oils, because I find the water based oils very “plastic” and “waxy”. But I am careful to touch wet oil paint and I use low-key solvents that are less toxic and California health labeled - if I work on an intense peace and the chemicals will linger in the room, I wear my protective gear.

            California is VERY strict about art supplies and label hazardous supplies very clearly. But in many places this is not the case: DO NOT order art supplies online if you don’t know where they come from or have access to proper labels and health information! You can be ordering some cancer for yourself...

            I cannot, personally, work with any epoxy based products at all: I am highly allergic to epoxy products: I get severe headaches, breathing issues and break out in hives from epoxy. If you have an allergic reaction: don’t do it at all!

            Certain preservation sprays / most spray paints / sealers are also REALLY bad. Wear the gear when you work with it. And keep it away from kids and pets!!!

            Spread this wisdom! Stay healthy! Think of your kids, pets and students too! Also: the environment!

            This article stresses the importance of artists health, being aware of toxic art materials, cites the dangers, and offers steps to protect yourself.

            New International on-line Classes / Coaching!!! Learn at your own pace!!!

            We are making a brand new, exciting class option available for new or existing students globally! Yes, Wherever you are, you can now get access to our training / coaching sessions!

            You can now have access to direct, private or small group (if you have family members or friends wanting to do it together) art classes / creative career coaching sessions with Avianne herself on-line. She offers:

            - Customized Fine Art instruction
            - Classical Studio Training
            - Creative Entrepreneurship Coaching
            - Therapeutic Art Instruction

            Pricing depends on how you want your classes structured.

            Email Avianne directly: [email protected] for more information!

            [01/03/19]   So I found out today that I got accepted into Harvard Business School to further my academic studies under top ranking entrepreneurs. Bringing my students the very best as I invest in myself! #CreativeForce

            Art by Avianne

            In 2019, my mission will be to become even more excellent in my art making and industry (and client) relationships.

            I think the biggest mistake artists make is settling for very little in terms of achieving excellence in our art making, industry (and client) relationships and art sales. Mediocrity is the enemy of Greatness. We tend to settle for mediocrity because excellence is REALLY hard. Excellence means that we don’t settle for pats on the back from the visually illiterate, thinking we are incredible artists. Excellence means we will strive hard and bleed for becoming more. We will constantly take classes and learn from others who are more excellent than us. I have learned to absolutely become a child in this pursuit: totally open for change and learning new skills.

            Excellence means that we constantly develop our skills and challenge ourselves to become ever more sophisticated and skilled at what we create. Excellence also means that we strive to become truly proficient in commerce and building a legacy beyond just what is local and comfortable. #Excellence #CreativeForce #Avianne

            Art by Avianne

            We are making private lessons (kids 12+ and adults) in person with Avianne available in Livermore on Tuesdays! Time-slots: 9:30-11:30am, 12pm-2pm and 6:30pm-8:30pm - some of these have already been booked for January and February! Email Avianne at [email protected] if you are interested! Subject matter ranges from Classical to Contemporary art.

            [12/10/18]   To avoid confusion / disappointment / because I am getting emails about this: I no longer teach seasonal art camps for the Bothwell Arts Center as I only directly teach for the Avianne Academy of Arts now. Contact the Bothwell Arts Center directly for information about current teachers if you are interested in their camps. - Warmly, Avianne #ArtCampsLivermore

            Art by Avianne

            Thank you to everyone who made my Art Gallery opening such a huge success! I had my first international patron attend in person all the way from Sweden and my agent Nicole! I sold a bunch of work already including commissioned work for 2019. I am truly blessed! #CreativeForce


            November - Oceans - Avianne Academy of Arts

            Sign-up your 6-8 year old for our awesome, brand new art classes in Livermore (Wednesdays 4-5:30pm) or San Carlos (Thursdays 4-5:30pm) for 6-8 year olds - the theme for November is "Oceans". All supplies included. We teach the GREAT stuff. Real value for money! #SanCarlos #Livermore #ArtClasses #KidsArtClasses - Sign-up on-line at:

            Oceans are the life force of our planet. From amoeba sized critters to massive whales, this them is so vast and we will have a hard time selecting projects to fit within its time frame. The beauty of nature and how to see it through the eyes of an artist will be explored. Classes: 3/mth See TIMETABL...

            Sign-up your 6-8 year old for our awesome, brand new art classes in Livermore or San Carlos for 6-8 year olds - the theme for November is "Oceans". All supplies included. We teach the GREAT stuff. Real value for money! #SanCarlos #Livermore #ArtClasses #KidsArtClasses - Sign-up on-line at:


            Meet the Team - Avianne Academy of Arts

            Click on this link to read more about the extraordinary people who make our Art Academy possible. At Avianne, LLC (and in general) awe inspiring art classes don’t happen by means of a one-man-show. We have an extraordinary team who makes all this possible.

            We have board members behind the scenes (they ensure the growth of our business and take care that our operations, strategy, programs etc are developed and implemented properly). And we have incredible instructors who care about our students and are committed to the success of each individual.

            Meet the Team About Avianne Academy Of Arts Avianne, bringing years of experience as a college level lecturer and an art instructor for all age and skill levels, teaches through utilizing the Avianne MethodTM, a unique teaching method, based upon the idea that any person can be creative and every p...

            We are starting up a brand new kids class for students ages 6-8 (we will take passionate 5 year olds too!) in Livermore. Let us know if you are interested! We need 4 kids to make this class a reality! #KidsArtClassesLivermore

            As always Mr. Ozell and the teens and adults were ROCKING our Classical Studio Training Class this past Tuesday. So proud of them!

            Miss Kimber and I were working with our Livermore kids yesterday to teach them some acrylic painting skills. They did a fantastic job and as always we had a ball learning together!

            This morning I had to explain to a parent why we do not charge $10 an hour for our classes. It got me thinking: I should start educating people about what true art classes are about. Basically, it is like buying a car: you can decide to buy a Ferrari or a clunker. But you will not pay the same price for them. They also do not serve the same purpose. And you will never see a Ferrari being sold in a junkyard.

            In my profession, unfortunately, I come across a lot of con-artists (pun intended) who profess to teach “art classes”. With Fine Art classes, as with most things, you really, usually, do get what you pay for. Don’t be taken for a ride. Unfortunately many “art classes” are just social clubs or glorified baby sitting services. Here are 3 quick (out of many ways) to separate the real from the fake:

            1. A truly great art instructor has the heart (and skills) of a teacher. They want to see you reach your full potential and so they will explain techniques in detail, cater to the individual, challenge you, not patronize or leave you to your own devices (which will get you absolutely nowhere). They will inspire, motivate, create with and deeply engage their students. They will not give you just “easy” things to do or “doodle / craft” projects. They will teach you real drawing, design, thinking, conceptual, technical skills (not tracing) and real painting skills (not paint by numbers).

            2. A truly great art instructor is someone who cares about their own professional artistic development and achievements as well. They will pursue excellence in their own work (which you should ask to see), be mentored by other artists, be teachable themselves, have an excellent, professional work ethic and will have a track record of association with others who are excellent as well. They will have great skills, constantly increasing in excellence and be artistic explorers and achievers in their own right.

            3. They will not charge you peanuts and will provide and engage you with professional conduct, good supplies, notes, individual attention, demonstrations, proven methods etc. An artist who respects themselves, knows their worth, knows what they are doing and can offer you true artistic development will not charge you $10 per hour (social club / baby sitting). They will charge you fairly because they also care about having students who are serious about their artistic development.

            We are very fortunate at our Academy to have instructors and students who are committed, passionate and serious about their art. I raise my hat to all of us! ###


            It is 11pm and I just got 鑫鼎彩票代理注册 from our incredible first day learning some incredible Classical Drawing Skills from Mr. Ozell in our new Classical Studio Training Classes. Few people know how hard Mr. Ozell and I work to bring our students our very best. And we love it. We build our Academy on the foundations that each student carries a treasure. We see you. We honor you. We care.


            Our Story

            Avianne Academy of Arts is an educational and creative coaching enterprise under the umbrella of Avianne International. Our goal is to provide quality, high level fine art instruction to adults. . I believe there is a great need for quality Fine Art education which meets people where they are at and then take them to a level of excellence through enhancing both skills and knowledge regarding their passion for fine art.

            Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Meridian?

            Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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            2466 Eight Street
            Meridian, ID
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